AD51 M.O.S Motor Oil Suppliment



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GRANITIZE® Motor Oil Supplement is specially formulated to fortify both conventional and synthetic engine oils. Special additives prevent oil oxidation and protect vital engine components from wear, sludge, and corrosion. Granitize M.O.S.® provides protection for today’s high performance engines. 

GRANITIZE® M.O.S.® should be added after each oil change to improve engine performance. With the engine OFF, add entire contents to engine crankcase. Can also be used to fortify crankcase oil between oil changes. 11 fl. oz. 

  • Reduces wear and corrosion

  • Reduces friction and improves efficiency

  • Prevents oil oxidation and sludge formation

  • Excellent protection for high mileage engines

  • Fortifies both conventional and synthetic oils 

Monday, June 22, 2015
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