AR18 Brake Cleaner


Download SDS (190.38 KB)


AR18 Brake Cleaner is 100% VOC compliant for sale in California in areas that require Rule 1171 compliance.  14 oz. 

AR18 brake cleaner quicky removes brake fluid, grease and contaminates
from brake lining and drums.
Granitize Brake Parts Cleaner can also be used on caliper
mounts, slide pins and backing plates to remove surface
contaminants and prepare parts for reassembly.
Granitize Brake Parts cleaner can be used anywhere a
clean, oil-free surface is desired. Will not affect metals
or brake fluid compatible plastics or rubber.

• Blasts Away Grease, Brake Dust, & other Contaminants

• No Fouled Waste Oil

• No Chlorinated or Fluorinated Solvents

• Removes Brake Fluid, Grease and Oil

• Contains No Lead, Phosphorous or Silicone

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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