Auto Gloss Premium Car Care Kit 7500


The Auto Gloss Premium Car Care Kit provides a four part kit of premium products to care for every surfaces of your fine automobile

This kit comes in its own unique retail packaging and includes:

Wash, Wax and Conditioner (AG-316)

The ultimate auto finish, conditioning wash. The mildest auto wash on the market. This exclusive Carnauba wax based formula contains Ph balanced conditioners, and lifts away dirt ad road film while neutralizing environmental acids. 16 oz.


Swirl, Scratch and Oxidation Remover (AG-416)

Gentle cleaner formulated to remove fine scratches & renew faded, oxidized paint. We’ve added color brighteners to enhance and restore your car’s original finish. 16 oz.


Hi Gloss Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Conditioner (AG-516)

Hi Gloss is our finest vinyl, plastic and rubber conditioner. It creates an ultra hi gloss finish which Inhibits cracking and fading. Conditions vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces so they remain soft and supple.

We’ve even added a patented UV-40 supplement to provide protection from damaging ultra-violet rays that dry and crack leather and vinyl. 16 oz.

Spray and Shine (AG-616)

The perfect “Quick Detail” product. Spray and shine lifts away dirt, road film, residue and fingerprints, leaving your car looking like it’s just been waxed. 16 oz.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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